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Welcome to Antonella, Ilaria, Martina and Natalia’s website!
We are four Venice’s authorized tourist guides, as well as four friends who share the same profession, interests and a great love for this unique city. We will be pleased to take you through the maze of canals, calli and campielli to disclose Venice’s wonders and secrets.
Browse through our website for a brief introduction to the many tours available. Feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail for further information or if you are thinking of a tour that does not appear within our proposals.
A few lines or even a website cannot embrace the immense range of possible places and itineraries! Venice is a small city but it is a casket treasuring a wealth of precious jewels.
Let’s set off to the discovery of the pearls of the Lagoon!

Ilaria Rizzardi
My name is Ilaria and I am a pure Venetian. I was born and bred in Venice from Venetian parents. I got a degree in foreign languages - English and Spanish - at the Cà…
Martina Boffelli

My name is Martina and I am from Venice. I studied English and German in order to become an interpreter and translator at the University of Bologna. I travelled around Europe and lived and…

Antonella Bracco
My name is Antonella Bracco and I work as a tourist guide in Venice.
I was born in Turin in 1962. In the early 80s I went to London to improve my English and…